Amazon Ochrocephala



Amazona Ochrocephala ochrocephala

Common Name(s): This species is commonly called the Yellow-Crowned Amazon or the Yellow-Fronted Amazon. Yellow-Crowned and Yellow-Fronted are used interchangeably, but Yellow-Crowned is used more often outside the US and Yellow-Fronted is used more often in the US.

Natural Range: Northern Brazil, Venezuela, Central Columbia, Guyana, French Guiana and Surinam to Rio Tapajós, Par, and Trinidad.
Description: Length 14 inches. Body green with yellow lores, crown, to the cere. Sometimes the yellow extends to the eyes but rarely. This patch is usually shaped triangular or oval and starts at cere with the point at the back of the head. The beak is black with a distinct red patch on each side of the upper mandible. Cere is black. Feet are white.
Comments about (sub)species: Talking ability of this bird is excellent. Probably underrated in my opinion.  Medium priced Amazon, usually less than a yellow-nape or double yellow-head.



Amazona ochrocephala panamensis

Common Name(s): Panama Amazon, Panama Yellow-crowned, the Panama Yellow-fronted. Sometimes referred to as the Yellow-fronted Panama or the Fronted Panama.

Natural Range: from northern Colombia to western Panama and Archipelago de las Perlas in Canal Zone and on Coiba.
Description: much like the nominate but slightly smaller and lighter green. Also yellow patch restricted to forehead and fore crown. Beak horn colored with black tip. Feet grey. Length 13-13.5 inches.
Comments about (sub)species: This species is often confused with the A. o. ochrocephala. It is slightly smaller, a lighter shade of green and the beak lacks red spot. They are generally less nippy than a lot of the other great speaking Amazons. Many older breeders I have spoke to claim this to be the best talking Amazon with  many birds continuing to learn new words past 20 years old! Since importation of the panama amazons halted in 1975 these birds are rare in aviculture now days and usually command a premium price when found. (its well worth searching for one though!)




Amazona ochrocephala xantholaema

Common Name(s): Marajó Yellow-crowned Amazon sometimes this bird is called the Yellow-crowned Amazon. 

Natural Range: Found only on Marajó Island in the mouth of the Amazon river in Brazil.

Description: as nominate but  the yellow patch extends to the back of the head and the  area around eye including parts of ear-coverts and the cheeks. Beak: upper mandible grey usually with reddish sides. Feet Grey. Length 15 inches.
Comments about (sub)species:  Rare in aviculture. I have been able to find very little on the pet quality of this Amazon. Please email me if you have information you would like to provide.



Amazona ochrocephala nattereri

Common Name(s): Natterer's Amazon

Natural Range: From southern Colombia across to eastern Ecuador, eastern Peru and northwestern Brazil to northern Bolivia
Description:Length 15 inches. Like nominate but with less extensive yellow patch and less red on the bend of the wing. Thigh Yellow.  Beak: upper mandible grey with yellowish to pinkish sides. Brown Iris.
Comments about (sub)species:  Rare in aviculture. I have been able to find very little on the pet quality of this Amazon. Please email me if you have information you would like to provide.


    Other species that were formerly classified and often still included in this species are: 

Amazona oratrix and subspecies

Amazona auropalliata and subspecies