Amazona autumnalis





Amazona autumnalis autumnalis

Common Name(s):Red-lored Amazon. 

Natural Range: Caribbean coast form Northeastern Mexico to northeastern Nicaragua. Also islands Roatan and Barbareta off the coast of Honduras.
Description: Body green with dark edging; forehead and lores are red; crown blue; Nape green changing to lilac blue with black edging; yellow below eye and the upper cheek region. iris orange; beak upper mandible horn with lower mandible is a grey horn. Feet grey.
Comments about (sub)species: Common in aviculture.



Amazona autumnalis salvini

Common Name(s): This species is called the Red-lored amazon or Salvin's Amazon. 

Natural Range: South Eastern Nicaragua and eastern and south-western Costa Rica south to western Columbia and extreme north-western Venezuela.
Description: Differs from the nominate the common Red Lored in being larger and having cheeks and ear coverts bright green(lime green).
 Salvins Amazons actually have NO yellow anywhere on their body...the yellow being replaced by the lime green color. Salvins have a much larger and whiter periopthalmic ring around the eyes. Salvins are often mistaken for the Lilacine Amazon(a. lilacina).
Length: 34cm(13 1/2 inches) Weight: 350 - 500g(13 to 18 oz.) Males often significantly more.
Comments about (sub)species:Legally imported over 20 years ago but only for a two year period. Only 200 were imported. Other than these 200...a few have been brought in by American soldiers stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. Unfortunately the Salvin's Amazon has all but disappeared from American aviculture...making captive breeding pairs few and far between. Gail Worth of Aves International in California is the only known breeder of Salvin's Amazons.



Amazona autumnalis lilacina

Common Name(s):

Natural Range: Tropical Zone of western Ecuador.
Description: Differs from the Salvin's Amazon in having pale  yellowish lime green cheeks. Lavender feathers on the crown...but not the nape like the Salvin's. Nape feathers edged in black.. also has a distinctive black beak with near black nostrils and a smaller periopthalmic eye ring.
Comments about (sub)species: I don't have any info on talking ability or general disposition on this species. If you have any and would like to share please send me an email.




Amazona autumnalis diadema

Common Name(s): This species is called the Red-lored amazon. 

Natural Range: 
Description: Length 14". Same as nominate but with crimson forehead and darker red lores; bluish lilac cheeks green feathers with edging. Greyish horn colored beak.
Native to northwest Brazil and upper Amazon.
Comments about (sub)species: Rare in aviculture. I have been unable to find informtion on the pet quality of this Amazon. Please email me if you have information you would like to provide.