Amazona albifrons




Amazona albifrons albifrons

Common Name(s): White-fronted Amazon

Natural Range: Mexico along Pacific coast from Nayarit to southwestern Guatemala.
Description:  Length 10 - 10.25 inches. Body green; forehead and fore crown white, in some birds cream; eye area, lores, alula and primary-coverts red; crown dull blue with blackish edging to feathers; primaries and outer webs of secondaries blue; upper and under tail-coverts yellowish green; tail upper side green with greenish-yellow tips base to outer tail-feathers red; beak yellow-horn color; iris yellow to orange; feet grey.
Comments about (sub)species: In the U.S. this is one of the least costly of Amazon Parrots (usually around $500). These parrots are also known to be fearless so you must watch them to make sure they don't get hurt. They are not known for their talking ability but individual birds do develop impressive vocabularies




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Amazona albifrons saltuensis

Common Name(s): Sonara white-fronted Amazon

Natural Range: Mexico from southern Sinaloa and southewestern Durango along the Pacific coast to southern Sonora.
Description: Like nominate but blue green on crown extends to nape.
Comments about (sub)species:



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Amazona albifrons nana

Common Name(s): Lesser white-fronted Amazon

Natural Range: Mexico along Gulf and caribbean coast from Veracruz through parts of Yucatan peninsula and southward toward northern Costa Rica.
Description: Like nominate but darker green and all feathers have dark edging. Somewhat smaller than nominate.
Comments about (sub)species: