Amazona Aestiva




Amazona aestiva aestiva

Common Name: This species called the blue-fronted Amazon.  

Natural Range: Eastern and Central Brazil.
Description: Length 14.5 inches; body green with dark edging; the amount of blue and yellow vary greatly from bird to bird; bend of wing has red and often interspersed with yellow. The beak is black, the iris is orange, and the feet are grey.
Comments about (sub)species: Talking ability is very good to excellent. A favorite among European Amazon owners. A Blue-fronted Amazon is on record as living 117 years old!!


Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx

Common Name(s): Like the nominate, this species is also called the the Blue-fronted although it is more commonly called the Chaco Blue-fronted Amazon.  It is also called the yellow-winged Amazon.

Natural Range: South western Mato Grosso in Brazil to Paraguay to Northern Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Description: Same as with the nominate of the species but with yellow bend of the wing and isolated red feathers in the carpal edge.
Comments about (sub)species: This species is commonly misidentified as the nominate of the species. Talking ability and disposition is reportedly similar to that of the nominate.

Since these species both can vary greatly in the amount of coloration on the head, chest and wings they can be quite difficult to distinguish between the two. As a rule, in the nominate form, the bend of wing is predominately red or red/yellow while A. a. xanthopteryx the yellow component is predominate.